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N95 Mask - N95 Masks

It seems for now, the Swine flu scare has subsided, but authorities are monitoring the situation for any more flareups.

This was the news last Spring as the situation developed:

Canadian Residents eyeing the current situation spreading from Mexico to the U.S.

As of Monday, April 20th with a handful of confirmed Swine Flu cases in Canada and the increasing number of reported Swine Flu cases in the U.S., precautionary measures are being implemented by the U.S. and other governments to treat the spread as a worldwide pandemic. It is unclear just how far and fast the Swine Flu has spread. A proactive stance by the governments now is necessary to contain any possible pandemic or outbreak.

Vaccine supplies are being stepped up and the news is being followed closely. Europeans have already issued a travel advisory against non-essential travel to Mexico and the U.S. This may be a bit of an over-reaction given the current level of information, but they are being extremely proactive.

The N95 masks are being snapped up especially by people still travelling to Mexico or the U.S. just in case. Some places are already sold out of this N95 particulate mask. So far, Amazon still has access to a reasonable supply available to the general public.

So far up to 90 people have died of the swine flu in Mexico recently and about 1300 people have been diagnosed with the illness since mid-April, 2009.

If you become ill while abroad, most major tourist hotels either have on-call or in-house doctors, or they can arrange appointments with local doctors. If you require urgent care, go to the nearest hospital.

In general if a flu is contracted, drink plenty of fluids including water, soup and juices and get plenty of rest. Aches and fever can be treated with acetaminophen. Antivirus medication may reduce symptoms if taken within the first 48 hours after the onset of illness. After that, time and rest will usually get rid of the flu within 7-10 days.

Confirming 40 cases of swine flu in the U.S., the Obama administration said today it is responding aggressively as if the outbreak would spread into a full pandemic.

N95 Mask - Help prevent Swine Flu?

Unfortunately strains of Flu such as the Swine Flu can be easily transmitted through droplets in coughs and sneezes and even wearing certain masks cannot protect us from the tiny particles. There has recently been a run on so called N95 particulate masks. These may be a good idea to have around during calm times to avoid not getting them if panic ever breaks out.

Normally N95 Masks are routinely recommended for use in hospitals and for health aid workers that come into contact with possibly infected individuals to try to avoid getting an infection themselves. These N95 masks are also available to the general public.

The N95 mask has three layers of filters, including one that contains charcoal filter. Many air masks on the market look similar, but only the N95 model, said by the U.S. government to keep out 95 per cent of particulates, works to keep out most of the corona virus that was the main suspected cause of SARS and would be equally as effective at protecting against contracting Swine Flu through the inhaling of fine particulates from an infected person. Note that the mask should only be used when around suspected infected individuals and is not recommended for wearing for longer periods of time as any mask can somewhat constrict the availbility of oxygen and create some discomfort. However it is great to have in the case panic does spread and the situation becomes worse. Just as during the SARS crisis, these N95 respirator masks became very scarce with demand coming from around the world. They are not very expensive and part of a complete safety and disaster kit.